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If you are looking for your dream road bike, is the right place for you. Our website offers you a comprehensive overview of the different types of road bikes and will help you find the perfect bike for your needs.

What are the features of a road bike?

A road bike is characterized by its aerodynamic geometry, lightweight construction and narrow tires. The frame is usually made of aluminum or carbon and offers a sporty riding position for maximum speed and efficiency. The gearing is tailored to the requirements of road cycling and enables precise gear changes. Road bikes are designed for speed and performance on the road and are ideal for competitions, training and long-distance rides.

The history of the road bike

The history of the racing bike dates back to the late 19th century. The first racing bikes were still very heavy and had no gears. Over time, the bikes became lighter and technically more sophisticated. In the 1930s, the first gears came onto the market, which made riding easier and improved performance. In the 1970s and 1980s, materials such as aluminium and later carbon revolutionized the world of racing bikes. Today, racing bikes are highly specialized machines designed for maximum performance and speed.

Which road bike is right for me?

Various factors play a role in choosing the right road bike. First of all, you should be clear about your goals and ambitions. Do you want to take part in competitions, ride long distances or simply train for fitness? Your physical requirements, such as height and weight, also play an important role in choosing the right frame size and geometry. Another important factor is your budget. Road bikes are available in different price ranges, from entry-level models to high-end professional bikes. It is important that you choose a bike that meets your requirements and fits your budget at the same time. The road bike categories Road bikes can be divided into different categories, which differ in terms of their characteristics and areas of use. The most important categories are 1. Aero road bikes / triathlon: these bikes are designed for maximum aerodynamics and are particularly suitable for time trials and flat routes. 2. Endurance road bikes: These bikes offer a more comfortable riding position and are designed for long distances and rides on uneven roads. 3. Race bikes: These bikes are particularly light and are suitable for mountain rides and competitions.

Road bike made of aluminum or carbon? The advantages and disadvantages

When choosing the frame material, you can usually choose between aluminum and carbon. Both materials have their advantages and disadvantages:

Aluminum is cheaper than carbon and offers a good ratio of weight to stiffness. However, it is not as comfortable as carbon and can be tiring on long rides.

Carbon is lighter and more comfortable than aluminum and offers better damping. However, it is also more expensive and more sensitive to impacts and falls.

Ultimately, the choice of material depends on your personal preferences and budget. Both materials have their place and offer an excellent riding experience.

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