Are you ready for an unforgettable adventure on two wheels? Then it’s time to find your perfect e-mountain bike! Whether you’re a passionate trail rider or simply want to explore nature in a new way, an e-mountain bike opens up unimaginable possibilities. Let’s find out together which e-MTB best suits you and your requirements.

What is an e-mountain bike and where is it intended to be ridden?

An e-mountain bike, also known as an e-MTB, is a mountain bike with an integrated electric motor that assists you while pedaling. This assistance allows you to cover longer distances, conquer steeper climbs, and have more fun on the trails. E-mountain bikes are designed for various types of terrain, from moderate forest paths to challenging single trails in the mountains. They offer you the freedom to expand your boundaries and experience new adventures.

E-mountain bike categories:

  1. E-Trail Hardtail: These e-mountain bikes have no rear suspension and are ideal for beginners or riders who mainly ride on less challenging trails. They are lighter and cheaper than full-suspension bikes and require less maintenance due to fewer bearings.
  2. E-Trail Fully: With suspension on both the front and rear, e-trail full-suspension bikes offer more comfort and traction on challenging trails. They are more versatile than hardtails and are suitable for riders who want to tackle rough terrain.
  3. E-Enduro: These e-mountain bikes are designed for the toughest trails and downhill tracks. They have more suspension travel, more robust components, and are designed for stability and control at high speeds. E-enduros are the choice for experienced riders seeking the extreme.

How much assistance and battery capacity does an e-mountain bike have?

E-mountain bikes have various levels of assistance that you can adjust according to your needs and preferences. Most models offer three to five levels, from eco for gentle assistance to turbo for maximum power. The battery capacity varies depending on the model and ranges from about 400 Wh to 700 Wh or more. A larger battery generally means a longer range but also a higher weight.

What is the range of an e-MTB?

The range of an e-mountain bike depends on various factors, such as battery capacity, selected assistance level, terrain, rider weight, and riding style. On average, you can cover between 50 and 100 kilometers on a single battery charge. Some models with particularly large batteries can even go further. However, it’s important to note that the actual range can vary greatly, and you should always plan for a buffer.

How much do I need to spend on an e-mountain bike?

E-mountain bikes come in various price ranges, depending on the quality of the components, frame, and motor. Entry-level models start at around 2,000 euros, while high-end models can cost 8,000 euros or more. For a well-equipped e-mountain bike that will bring you long-lasting enjoyment, you should budget between 4,000 and 6,000 euros. It’s worth investing in high-quality components, as they are more durable and reliable.

What wheel size and frame material?

Two wheel sizes have become established for e-mountain bikes: 27.5 inches (650b) and 29 inches. Smaller wheels are more agile and accelerate faster, while larger wheels offer more stability and better rolling behavior. The choice depends on your personal preferences and the intended use. For the frame material, mainly aluminum and carbon are available. Aluminum is cheaper and robust, while carbon is lighter and stiffer but also more expensive.

Popular and good e-MTB manufacturers and models:

  • Specialized Turbo Levo: A versatile e-trail full-suspension bike with high-quality components and a powerful motor.
  • Trek Rail: An e-enduro with aggressive geometry and long suspension travel for challenging trails.
  • Cube Stereo Hybrid: An e-trail full-suspension bike with a good price-performance ratio and various equipment options.
  • Haibike AllMtn: A robust e-enduro with a powerful motor and high-quality suspension.

- Canyon Spectral:ON: A lightweight and agile e-trail full-suspension bike with modern design and good equipment.

How to find the perfect e-MTB on

  1. Use the search function and filter for e-mountain bikes.
  2. Compare the technical data, components, and geometry of the various models.
  3. Read test reports and watch review videos to get an impression of the strengths and weaknesses of the bikes.
  4. Consider your budget and select models that match your price expectations.
  5. Take your height into account and choose the appropriate frame size for optimal comfort and control.
  6. Be inspired by the ratings and experiences of other users and benefit from their expertise.

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